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API V3 Documentation:

Zil is a financial technology company, not a bank or an FDIC member. Zil offers banking services through partnership with FDIC member banks Silicon Valley Bank and Texas National Bank.

Full Package Financial Platform

Zil US simplifies your brand promotion by managing all payment services on your platform and providing background technical support.

Zil US Mobile SaaS Solutions

Download the Zil mobile app for convenient, secure, and safe payments on the go. Access all features and services for your payment needs effortlessly.

Transaction Modes


Zil US provides same-day ACH services for quick money transfers with low fees.

Virtual Card

Developers can provide users with virtual cards, such as gift cards and employee expense cards, using Zil US.

Multiple Checking Accounts

Users can open multiple checking accounts with no hidden fees (no minimum balance, no minimum deposit, or monthly maintenance fees required).

Wire Transfer

Zil US enables developers to facilitate both domestic and international wire transfers for users.

Payment Account

Using Zil US, users can send money from their payment accounts to payees using various methods such as checks, ACH, wire transfers, and virtual cards.

Foreigners Can Open US Checking Account Remotely

Zil US lets developers allow their users to effortlessly make payments to US vendors, affiliates, employees, and others anywhere in the world without being physically present.

Mail Check

Zil US offers an affordable first-class check mail service. Developers can enable users to send physical checks to their payees via USPS/FedEx on the same business day in the USA and Canada.

Business Payment Account

Developers can allow their users to create business payment accounts without hidden fees (no minimum balance, no minimum deposit, or monthly maintenance fees required).

How to Integrate- Video Tutorial


What API stands for?

API, or Application Programming Interface, is a set of rules and protocols that enable one software application to interact with another. Zil US provides its API, allowing businesses to leverage the platform's knowledge and resources to create and offer new products or services without starting from scratch.

How to white label a product?

White labeling a product involves purchasing goods from a manufacturer and then rebranding them with your own company's logo and branding to make it appear as if your company created the product. This strategy allows businesses to offer a wider range of products without extensive development or manufacturing costs. It also enables them to establish their brand identity in the market. Ultimately, white labeling can be cost-effective for companies to expand their product offerings and enhance their brand presence. With Zil US, businesses can benefit from the white labeling service.

How does API integration work?

API integration allows different software systems to communicate by sharing and utilizing each other's data and functions smoothly. Businesses can utilize Zil US's API to leverage resources and innovate new products or services without starting from scratch.

API vs Web Service

An API is a set of rules and tools that lets software applications communicate and share data. On the other hand, a web service is a type of API that operates over the web using standard protocols like HTTP, making it easier for different systems or applications to communicate over a network.

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