Axos Bank Alternative: Best Options For Newbie Business Owners

Jun 27, 2022 | Payment Services

Zil is a financial technology company, not a bank or an FDIC member. Zil offers banking services through partnership with FDIC member banks Silicon Valley Bank and Texas National Bank.

The perfect checking account has a few things in common, with the best of them being low fees and maximum ATM access. Axos Bank is an online bank that offers basic business checking accounts and interest rates on deposits. Zil, founded by entrepreneurs with decades of banking experience from around the globe, provides a cloud-based service for small businesses without any monthly fees or charges – it’s entirely free to sign up! Its innovative financial products will help you save time when sending & receiving funds between banks within the US through ACH transactions. These are typically more cost-effective than other methods, such as wire transfers.

Zil: The Alternative You Are Looking for 

What are the more important features when it comes to banking? It turns out that customer experience also matters, which means you should consider all aspects, from how easy it will be to manage your money daily with your banking institution!

In addition to Axos Bank’s services, Zil offers free physical check mailing, free digital checks, free email checks, check drafts, free invoice modules, and free bank data. An excellent way for people looking into new financial services could always take advantage when comparing different banks through researching reviews online before making the apt final decision for their businesses.

Your Perfect Business Banking Begins  

The two banks have different fees, but both are free from charges. Axos Bank is a famous, full-service online bank that provides business and commercial solutions. Zil does not require any deposits or opening balances. It has many online banking features and payment methods. You can grow your business faster in the US by setting up a US bank account remotely to receive US dollars without losing any exchange rate.

Small Business Banking Services from Zil

It has a tailored and complete suite of business banking options to fit the needs of your clients. It is crafted and designed for freelancers, startup owners, and modern business owners for their checking needs. Zil has no monthly maintenance fees, no minimum deposit requirements, and unlimited ATM access. You can bank anytime, anywhere, and avail all your finances in one place. If you are looking for the best ways to impress and treat your employees, there is no better option to go!

Discover the Best for Online Business Banking

Zil is a banking option that provides an easy way to manage your finances anywhere in the world. This cloud banking platform allows you to access funds and send and receive money instantly for free with no hidden fees or charges. It’s just faster and more convenient than traditional methods! It is a fintech company that helps people take control of their finances by providing banking services by partnering with banks. Zil is right for you depending on what you prioritize in a bank for the smooth functioning of your bank. It has distinct and impressive banking options without service charges or any hidden charges. It also provides paper checks; you don’t have to run for traditional pre-printed paper checks.

Choose the Right Bank for Your Business

Which digital bank is right for me? With so many new banks in circulation, it’s hard to decide which one will work best. Finding a bank account that does not charge monthly maintenance fees and requires less than the average balance is important. Zil offers convenient and straightforward online business banking services. With their digital approach, they wanted to offer personalized business banking services capable of evolving with your needs and giving you access to your money anytime from anywhere. 

Adopting Online Banking for Business

You can access and manage your business banking needs using the cloud-based online banking platform. You can deposit checks, pay bills, transfer funds, view account balances and access your transaction history. You have virtual assistance to help you with the features and services. Although it is an online bank, you can withdraw cash from ATMs using your bank card for free. Zil has zero monthly maintenance fees, and it provides a great digital experience that evolves with your needs to achieve financial goals.

Lead Your Business Ahead With Online Banking

The small businesses that make up the backbone of our economy are often overlooked. There are local restaurants, coffee shops, and dry cleaners in every city across America. From big cities to smaller towns around rural regions where residents rely on these businesses for everyday goods and services such as construction materials or fix-it help when your car breaks down! The list goes slightly beyond this scope, too: the accountants. They keep track of financials at their companies alongside doctors caring deeply about providing quality medical care while also being committed. Whatever the business is, online banking is the best solution to lead your business forward and ease the workload.

Now or Never, Start Your Journey

Are you looking for banking solutions that meet your small business needs? Zil’s solutions help small businesses streamline their payment and financial management processes to increase efficiency. Their dedication to serving every customer individually ensures that they provide customized services for you, regardless of size or sophistication! Zil’s small business growth strategy services can help your business to have a comprehensive, customized approach to grow your business. Businesses can improve their bottom line by partnering with online banking platforms like Zil. So, the companies can work together to design bundled service offerings and assist in identifying prospects for them. The long wait to begin your online business journey has a solution. Try it free! 

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