Business Online Banking: Helping in Flourishing Your Business

Jul 6, 2022 | Payment Services

Zil is a financial technology company, not a bank or an FDIC member. Zil offers banking services through partnership with FDIC member banks Silicon Valley Bank and Texas National Bank.

Quick and seamless banking can help to simplify the complexities of business banking. Business Online Banking is an easy way to tackle the banking issues faced by most freelancers, solopreneurs, and other one-person businesses. People can run their businesses from anywhere in the world; this was not the case for getting a business bank account.

All solopreneurs who are launching their companies can apply online and get a bank account and a business debit card fully online, including passing the verification process. Customers can manage their accounts, make payments, see bank statements, manage account parameters, and more through online platforms. Zil is a cloud-based financial technology platform with all the services customers have been asking for!

Online Banking Is Spreading

Physical retail banks are rapidly changing to digital platforms. Most businesses are developing a multi-channel strategy, and more of them are expanding the number of contact points to improve the buyer’s experience. New features and functions in online banking have been developed in the past five years, but only in terms of design and increased user experience. Increase the functionality of your business with Zil. Many business owners are unable to make long-term forecasts about their cash flows. They have difficulty analyzing business transactions while running businesses.

Start A Secure & Online Banking Account

Modern technologies are changing financial infrastructures. There is a significant rise of newcomers to the fintech field, and established companies have started expanding into new markets. Business owners can easily look into their future financial matters if they shift to online business banking. With low installation costs and a commitment to simplicity, banking is now more accessible than ever. Computer algorithms replace the need for human support, allowing you to bank anywhere and anytime with online convenience.

Online Banking Is Evolving

There has been an increase in companies developing technology to create conversations between humans and robots. Banks are developing new ways to interact with the customers through voice and text, which understand human emotions and recognize intentions. Online banks are using artificial intelligence to better understand their customers and create a more compelling banking experience.

Better Online Banking for Your Businesses

Simplify your life with Zil; this online business banking platform gives you an easy-to-access solution that saves your business’ money and time. You can manage financial data anywhere with a computer or mobile device. Financial management can be more efficient by reviewing transactions, images, and statements. Through greater control, your business can grow faster. With this cloud-based banking platform, you can transfer money between accounts, check balances and conduct ACH and Wire transfers.

Why Business Online Banking Is Preferred?

Zil uses secure and reliable security measures so that you can bank with confidence. You can send and receive money anywhere, anytime, without leaving your desk. You can initiate and complete ACH and wire transfers whenever you need. In addition, you don’t have to worry about stamps, trips to the post office, or hand-written checks. You can rely on one-time payment features and automatic recurring payment methods to run your business smoothly. You can create multiple accounts in online banking. This lets you assign different access and transaction limit levels according to employee needs. You can easily export your financial data from online business banking’s popular financial management applications, including QuickBooks.

Business Online Banking

Every business, whether small or large, new or established, requires a full online banking service. Zil Online Banking allows you to streamline money management. Manage business banking on your schedule using a secure, user-friendly, cloud-based platform. Some of the online business banking services consist:


View, download, and print eStatements from your online banking page.


Use our online banking services to quickly view current and past balances; you can easily find your transaction details.


Easily transfer funds between your Zil accounts. You will receive a confirmation that allows you to verify the details of your transactions.


Give access to your online bank account to as many users as possible; you can see and manage the activities happening through it.


Simple and secure way to quickly make one-time or recurring payments for your clients without issuing a check.

Are you ready to adopt a more effortless and manageable platform to control your transactions? Get the right tools and resources for your business banking purposes. Zil will help you to develop it by deeply understanding your business!

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