Fee for Wire Transfer are Not Same for Domestic and International Transfer

Apr 6, 2023 | Wire Transfer

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Wire transfers are a popular way to transfer funds from one bank account to another domestically and internationally. However, international and domestic fee for wire transfer is not the same. The fee for international wire transfers is more than that of domestic wire transfers. If you are looking for a platform for making the best while wire transfers are a convenient and efficient way to transfer money, they often come with fees that can add up quickly. Keep reading to know more about wire transfers and the best platform for making domestic and international wire transfers for a reasonable cost.

What Is Wire Transfer?

Wire transfers involve the transfer of funds electronically from one party to another. This is made possible by a network run by banks and other transfer services worldwide. Sending funds via wire transfer requires the recipient’s name and account details.

Instead of requiring the physical transfer of funds, wire transfers are paid electronically. There are numerous types of wire transfers, including domestic and international transactions.

Types of Wire Transfer

Domestic Wire Transfers: A domestic wire transfer is a payment made between two domestic banks or institutions.

Intra-bank Electronic Fund TransfersThe sender and receiver must both be customers of the same bank. The bank’s software is tasked with transferring funds between accounts or branches. Simply put, a transfer of funds occurs between two accounts.

  • Inter-bank Wire Transfers

The transfer’s sender and recipient are from different financial institutions. Banks use a secure, closed network to collect and settle intra-bank wire transfers. Money is transferred from the sender’s to the recipient’s bank account.

Domestic wire transfer fees are usually less expensive than international wire transfer fees. Banks charge fee for wire transfers, and these fees vary depending on the bank and the type of account you have

It is important to note that fees may vary based on your account type. Some banks offer fee waivers for certain types of accounts, such as premium checking accounts or savings accounts with a high balance. 

International Wire Transfers: International wire transfers are payments sent from one country to another. 

  • Intra-bank

Some large banks have branches in several countries, while others have accounts with foreign banks.

For these transactions, banks typically use the SWIFT network. This means that transfers can be sent without the use of an intermediary bank.

  • Inter-bank

Some banks don’t have accounts in other countries’ banks. This is where a bank in the middle comes in. It gives the payment a place to rest on its way to where it needs to go.

When this happens, the payment must follow the rules of the country of the sender, the country of the intermediary bank, and the country of the recipient. Because of these extra steps, the process may take longer than with other wire transfer services.

International wire transfer fees are generally more expensive than domestic wire transfer fees. This is because international wire transfers require additional processing and communication between banks in different countries, which can result in additional fees.
International fees for wire transfers typically consist of two fees: an incoming wire fee and an outgoing wire fee. The receiving bank charges the incoming wire fee, and the sending bank charges the outgoing wire fee. The fees for international wire transfers vary depending on the country you send money to and the currency used.

How to Do a Wire Transfer Online with Zil? 

  • Step 1: Log in to Zil and choose a business bank account, 
  • Step 2: Click on the Send Payment button. A drop-down menu will appear. From there, select the Wire transfer option from the menu. 
  • Step 3: Select the domestic/international wire transfer option and choose a payee.

Enter the amount that want to transfer and the necessary details. Click send, and you will receive an OTP through email or SMS. Once you enter the OTP, the transaction will start to process.

Wire transfers are a convenient and efficient way to transfer funds, but they can come with fees that add up quickly. Fee for wire transfers are not same for international and domestic wire transfer, fees changes based on the type of account and the bank you have. It’s crucial to be aware of the associated costs before doing an international wire transfer because they can be extremely expensive. Use Zil for making wire transfers for a reasonable fee.

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