A business bank account is necessary for any business, large or small. It provides a convenient way to track your business finances and separate your personal and business expenses. A business bank account also makes it easier to apply for business loans and lines of credit. In this age of cloud banking, there are many reasons to start a business bank account online. For instance, Zil, a cloud-based bank, offers you fast and convenient banking and provides you with better interest rates when compared to traditional banks. And it allows you to manage your account using the internet remotely.

Opening a business bank account online provides the user with many benefits like access to their account at any time, lower fees, increased security, and improved cash management. Choosing a provider like Zil provides those mentioned benefits: free ACH payments, custom check printing, check drafts, eChecks, and checks by standard mail, direct deposits, and wire transfers. Zil also has no hidden charges, monthly fees, minimum deposit requirements, or minimum balance requirements. As a bank that prioritizes customer needs over anything, Zil lets customers open and operate bank accounts from any location remotely.

Online banks generally face the problem of having inadequate customer support, as most customers will have to rely on AI chatbots to resolve their queries. Zil is an exception to this phenomenon as it provides 24/7 customer service. Businesses have several sources of earnings and several faucets of expenses. It is essential to manage these different transactions effectively, and due to the voluminous nature of these transactions, multiple business accounts are needed. Zil provides its customers the facility to open and manage multiple accounts for the same business. Zil also gives its customers a corporate expense card, which is especially useful in regulating employee expenses. It lets employers set limits for the amount of money that can be spent using it.

The problems which customers face in online banking are several. Zil addresses some of these issues and provides a viable solution to the same. In conclusion, Zil offers 

  • Fee-free banking
  • No minimum deposit
  • Remote access
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free ACH transfers, direct deposits, and wire transfers
  • Remotely open accounts
  • Virtual debit card
  • Corporate expense card


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