Virtual Gift Cards: a Convenient and Flexible Way to Share

Nov 22, 2023 | Gift Card

ZilBank’s cloud-based platform introduces Virtual Gift Cards, a hassle-free way to instantly deliver thoughtful presents to contacts within your network. These digital cards allow recipients to make purchases at various stores that accept gift cards. Businesses can utilize this feature to send online gift cards to employees or clients on special occasions, fostering stronger connections effortlessly.

Simple Steps to Send Virtual Gift Cards

Navigating through ZilBank’s interface and sending virtual gift cards becomes a straightforward process. Log in to the online platform, select a bank account, and click “Send Payment. From the drop-down menu, choose the “Gift Card” option to specify the recipient, add the desired amount, and enter the essential details before sending. The recipient receives the virtual gift card instantly via email, ensuring swift and convenient gifting.

Business Solutions: An Extensive Selection of Services 

This cloud-based platform extends beyond gifting options, offering a suite of services for businesses. The financial institution offers its clientele free checking accounts, affordable ACH and wire transfers, and instant virtual Visa cards that can be utilized for in-store and online transactions. This extensive array of services accommodates the varied financial requirements of businesses, thus ensuring effective operations.

Cost-effective Checking Accounts for Financial Simplicity

ZilBank’s commitment to user-friendly banking is reflected in its fee-free checking accounts. The absence of minimum opening deposits, monthly fees, or balance requirements liberates customers from worrying about additional charges. This functionality enables users to effectively oversee their financial matters while gaining complimentary access to a range of tools, including mobile deposits and bill payments. 

Controlled Spending: Corporate Expense Cards

Businesses benefit from the platform’s Corporate Expense Card, empowering them to oversee spending effectively. Insights into employee expenditures in real time and spending limits that can be modified provide transparency and control. The corresponding mobile app enables employers to track transactions and receipts, optimizing purchase management while freeing up resources for businesses. 

Convenient and Versatile Virtual Debit Cards

The platform’s all-inclusive virtual debit cards, when integrated with Apple Pay or Google Pay, resemble physical cards for online and contactless payments. Obtaining a virtual card is just as easy as establishing online banking, gaining access to the cloud account, and submitting an online application for the card. Once activated, these cards operate in the same manner as cash, allowing users to transact at an extensive selection of locations accepting Visa cards. 

Other Exceptional features from ZilBank

ZilBank offers a range of unique features that redefine banking for businesses. It enables the remote establishment of US accounts with no minimum balance requirement and fee-free online banking, ensuring immediate ACH/Wire transfers. Providing multiple named accounts for varied financial purposes, early direct deposits for quicker payments, and tailored solutions for non-residents, ZilBank is a comprehensive banking platform.

ZilBank’s virtual gift cards present a convenient, flexible, and versatile way to gift, catering to both personal and business needs. Together with an entire range of financial services, the cloud-based banking platform continues to provide innovative solutions that improve business operations and enhance financial management for individuals and businesses alike.

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