Digital Gift Cards

Digital Gift Cards lets you quickly send them to anyone in your contacts via email. Recipients can use these virtual cards to shop at any store that accepts gift cards. There’s no limit to the number of recipients, so businesses can easily send online gift cards to clients or employees for any occasion.

Zil is a financial technology company, not a bank or an FDIC member. Zil offers banking services through partnership with FDIC member banks Silicon Valley Bank and Texas National Bank.

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initial fee

No initial fees or hidden fees to open an account with us.


maintenance fees

Enjoy hassle-free payment services with no maintenance fees.


minimum deposit

Start your payment journey with zero minimum deposit.


initial fee

No initial fees or hidden fees to open account with us.


maintenance fees

Enjoy hassle-free payment services with no maintenance fees.


minimum deposit

Start your Payment journey with zero minimum deposit.

All In One Platform

All-In-One Platform for All Your Business Needs

Zil provides various financial services for businesses. You can open a fee-free checking account and send ACH and wire transfers at lower costs. Instant digital gift cards are available for purchases from stores that accept them. Also, the corporate expense card allows businesses to set a budget for each card and give it to employees for company purposes.


Experience the power of next-generation cloud payment solutions at Zil US SaaS platform, revolutionizing the financial industry

Payment Platform

Enjoy US payment experience online at zero hidden fees and streamline your operations from anywhere, anytime.


Enjoy a smooth and efficient process for ACH payments, free of complications at low transaction costs.

Payroll Card

Experience endless convenience, instant access to funds, and enhanced security with Zil’s payroll card.

Wire Transfer

Send or receive funds domestically or internationally with the wire transfer service with minimal transaction charges.

Pay by Phone

Send money using your phone number seamlessly and discover the convenience of Zil.US!

Gift Card

Effortlessly gift with Zil. Email gift cards to any contact for use at any store. Ideal for all occasions and unlimited recipients.


Enhance Services with Virtual and Gift Card APIs! Create unlimited cards and set spending limits. Empower business with Zil.US.

Corporate Expense Card

Zil’s corporate expenses card makes managing staff spending easy. It helps businesses control expenses and track transactions instantly. Employees can use the card for business expenses like travel and supplies without needing cost reports or reimbursements. Zil’s expense card simplifies cost management, prevents fraud, and saves time and money.

Corporate Expense Card

Zil US Mobile Payment SaaS Solutions

Download the Zil mobile app for convenient, secure, and safe managing finance on the go. Access all features and services for your financial needs effortlessly.

Open US Bank Account from Anywhere in the World

Open US Checking Account from Anywhere in the World

Zil makes it simple for foreigners to open US checking account without being physically present in the USA. The software allows for easy online checking account opening without any hidden fees. Businesses can expand in the USA, allowing them to expand worldwide.

Free Virtual Debit Card

Zil offers a free virtual debit card that functions like a physical card. It’s convenient for managing digital business spending online and making contactless in-store payments. It’s safe, user-friendly, and enables mobile payments.

Free Virtual Debit Card


What is a gift card?

A gift card is a prepaid card with a specific monetary value that can be used for purchases at designated stores or online retailers. The Visa Gift Card from Zil works anywhere Visa cards are accepted and can be instantly sent via email to anyone.

How does a Visa gift card work?

Visa digital gift cards, once activated, function like cash. With a balance, cardholders can make purchases wherever Visa gift card is accepted.

Can you use Visa gift card online?

Yes. The Visa Gift Card is accepted everywhere Visa cards are, including online. Zil's Visa gift cards can be instantly sent via email to anyone.

Visa Gift Card vs Debit Card

Visa gift cards are solely for purchases, cannot be used for cash withdrawals, and are often not reloadable. On the other hand, debit cards permit both purchases and cash withdrawals. Zil, a cloud-based payment platform, provides its customers with both Visa gift cards and debit cards payments.

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