Get Paid Early

Get Paid Early through payment methods like ACH, wire, and mailed checks with no hidden fees. Set up direct deposit to receive paychecks two days early or use the Same Day ACH feature for same-day payments. The cloud-based platform allows for instant transfers between Zil accounts and offers both domestic and international wire transfers at low costs. Additionally, the platform’s mail check service sends checks on the same business day.

Zil is a financial technology company, not a bank or an FDIC member. Zil offers banking services through partnership with FDIC member banks Silicon Valley Bank and Texas National Bank.

Get Paid Early

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initial fee

No initial fees or hidden fees to open an account with us.


maintenance fees

Enjoy hassle-free payment services with no maintenance fees.


minimum deposit

Start your payment journey with zero minimum deposit.


initial fee

No initial fees or hidden fees to open account with us.


maintenance fees

Enjoy hassle-free payment services with no maintenance fees.


minimum deposit

Start your Payment journey with zero minimum deposit.

How to get Your Paychecks Early

How to Get Your Paychecks Early?

Zil receives a notification from the Federal Reserve once your employer’s payroll information is processed. Upon confirmation, Zil immediately executes the direct deposit. This process reduces the waiting time, allowing you to receive your paychecks two days early.


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Payment Platform

Enjoy US payment experience online at zero hidden fees and streamline your operations from anywhere, anytime.


Enjoy a smooth and efficient process for ACH payments, free of complications at low transaction costs.

Payroll Card

Experience endless convenience, instant access to funds, and enhanced security with Zil’s payroll card.

Wire Transfer

Send or receive funds domestically or internationally with the wire transfer service with minimal transaction charges.

Pay by Phone

Send money using your phone number seamlessly and discover the convenience of Zil.US!

Gift Card

Effortlessly gift with Zil. Email gift cards to any contact for use at any store. Ideal for all occasions and unlimited recipients.


Enhance Services with Virtual and Gift Card APIs! Create unlimited cards and set spending limits. Empower business with Zil.US.

Pay Bills Early

Zil’s faster direct deposit lets you access your paychecks two days before your scheduled payday. This early access can help you pay your bills ahead of time. It provides an advantage over traditional banks where funds are available later.

Pay Bills Early

Zil US Mobile Payment SaaS Solutions

Download the Zil mobile app for convenient, secure, and safe managing finance on the go. Access all features and services for your financial needs effortlessly.

Direct Deposit


A neobank, like Zil, is an online-only payment platform without physical branches. It allows you to open an account easily from anywhere. The platform supports fast and secure payments via ACH, wire transfers, and mailed checks and offers a user-friendly, fee-free checking account setup from home or office.


Online Payment

Online payment platform offers convenience by allowing 24/7 access to accounts and transactions from anywhere with the internet, eliminating the need for physical bank visits. It enhances financial control through easy monitoring of balances, expenses, and transaction alerts and simplifies tasks like fund transfers and bill payments. With robust security features like two-factor authentication and encryption, online checking account like Zil provide secure and affordable payment solutions tailored for small businesses.

Customized Expense Card


What is direct deposit?

A direct deposit transfers money electronically between accounts using the Automated Clearing House Network. Employers often use it to deposit salaries directly into employees' accounts. Zil enhances this by offering a feature that allows employees to receive their paychecks two days before the usual payday.

How to set up a direct deposit?

To set up direct deposit, fill out the form with your bank information, routing, and account numbers, and specify the deposit amount. Attach a voided check for verification. You can submit the form either online or in person. Zil supports various payment methods, such as direct deposits/ACH and wire transfers. It also allows for both one-time and recurring ACH transactions and manages employee payroll.

What banks pay early?

Zil enables you to receive your pay two days early. When the Federal Reserve notifies Zil of your employer's payroll details, the platform confirms and processes the direct deposit into your account.

Direct Deposit or Wire Transfer

Direct deposits are for regular domestic transfers within the U.S., while wire transfers can be used for both domestic and international transfers. Zil offers both ACH (direct deposit) and wire transfer options.

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